Sunday, September 7, 2014

The Lost Story

National German news today....carried up a story over an older couple (both in the seventies)....wanted to go shopping and drive around the corner to some regional shopping center.  They took various turns.....a lot of various turns.....and basically lost their way.

Journalists who stumbled across the story, and the cops who accidentally figured into the story....didn't ask alot of questions.  What they have figured out is that the couple were finally found around 700 kilometers (roughly 434 miles) from their home.  How many total miles did they travel?  No one is saying much but they were likely on the road for roughly twenty hours.  

The cops, upon examining the couple, came to the conclusion that they had some type of mental or physical issue (I'm guessing blood sugar).....and were lacking any ability to conclude their trip.  You tend to make some bad mistakes once you get low blood sugar.  

How often does this sort of thing happen in Germany?  I'm a guest here, but I'd take a guess that it happens more than people would like to admit.

In the old days.....German guys used to carry maps in their car.  Today?  I doubt if you find more than five cars in a hundred that have some maps in the glove-box. 

An abundance of confusion days in getting around Germany?  Well, that's another problem.  Guys used to live in Village X, and knew the one-and-only way to get to Village Y (transiting four towns and six roads).  Over the past five or six decades.....Germans got busy putting in various new roads and autobahn connections.  Going to a mega grocery that's about thirty-minutes away and twelve turns?   It's confusing if anyone throws in bad weather, a detour, or a missed turn.  

What happens now to the couple?  I'm guessing that some relative has driven down to pick them up......with another relative driving their car back.  The cops have authority to question your license, and might drag a judge into the situation to remove the license of both the husband and wife (too old to handle the requirements will be the wording).  

Somewhere here, there's a five-star movie waiting to be made.....I'll even give it a title (Lost in Wank).  Just a couple who were going to go and pick up kitty chow and some fresh carrots.....lost for three days on the road.  

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