Thursday, September 18, 2014

The German Response to Ebola

I watched the 8PM news last night...via Channel One (ARD).  They encapsulated a brief response by Chancellor Merkel that they were going to do SOMETHING over the Ebola mess in Africa.  The details were: (1) offer air transport, although it wasn't clear what the heck they'd be hauling in or for that matter....out of Africa, (2) some clear-cut air package to get sick doctors out of Africa (meaning that they were going to be helped in a first-class way and not stuck there with marginal health service), (3) build more hospital wards but it was slanted to mean that they'd shuffle cash to them and let them spend as they saw fit or where they felt it ought to be, and (4) let the Bundeswehr (Army) do further study over what they might offer.

You kinda get the impression that the German leadership really doesn't want to get far into this role, and they question the idea of massive support being the logical way to go.

The Bundeswehr?  They might go part of the way that the US has shown (3,000 US troops and one entire mobile hospital being sent).  This might be some deployment of a couple hundred to several thousand Bundeswehr medical folks.  The issue that I'd see....unlike the US with a major and robust military medical corps.....the Bundeswehr has a limited number of personnel and their contribution could not be a massive ongoing operation that exists for years (which I'd expect to occur).

So, this brings me to the continual video display that the media displays on the Ebola mess, their health situation, and reality.  Every time a German news team displays the Ebola see a row of beds, no IV-drip deals, and there's talk of marginal food and drugs for the patients.  

I'm not a rocket-scientist or medical guy.....but I'd tend to think after a while.....if you had IV-drips for each person.....keeping them hydrated....survival rates go up.  If  you offered fever drugs....survival rates go up.  If you offered liquid foods....survival rates go up.  If you offered something beyond the marginal drugs.....survival rates would go up.  If you had real health helpers (not these sixty-day wonders of basic training as they pretend will suffice in Africa)....survival rates would go up.

Yeah, in essence....the Germans might be sitting and looking at this in a different fashion.  Rather than rush massive manpower or such into the problem.....maybe some changes in tactics would be change the death ratio and improve the outcome of such a disease.  The fact that people do survive it....ought to beg for questions over how one guy lives and ten others die.

So, in the coming days.....German news will harp on what Germany did....maybe in a meager fashion and marginal sense.....but maybe massive help wasn't the real solution for this.

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