Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Fake Cop Arrest

I've blogged a couple of times over the past year about a peculiar Wiesbaden crime episode that was occurring.....fake cops.  Generally, a tourist (sometime German, but usually an out-of-country guy/gal)....would be approached after visiting an ATM machine and the fake cops would present a badge and note that the machine had been putting out bogus money....so they need to look at your billfold.  After it's handed back.....the tourist walks off and discovers later that the money was lifted from their billfold.

Well....on Friday afternoon of last week in Wiesbaden....three fake cops came to some guy on the street and did the trick once again.  This time, the accusation was that the guy was a drug-dealer and he had drugs.

The victim to some degree cooperated.....with the money removed from his billfold.  Then, a friend of the victim appeared, questioning the cops authority.  Two of the fake cops take off.....the victim and friend hold onto the third guy until the real cops arrive.

What the police say about the situation now.....the guy caught is Romanian, and they are looking at the idea that this guy was connected to all of the local fake cop episodes.  The guy in question?  They won't say if he's cooperating fully or stalling them.  Nor do they indicate that they have they found his two friends yet. By the comments made.....the Romanian guy is still being held, and the investigation still continues.

So, my wise words here.....if you are in a German urban area and have just visited an ATM machine.....if someone appears suddenly and flips a badge out toward you....he might not be a real cop.  If he's not in uniform....you probably have a bogus guy.

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