Thursday, September 25, 2014

The Dog Story

Sometime on Tuesday....over in Russelsheim.....about twenty miles south-east of Wiesbaden....cops got called.  It was in the midst of the day, and some folks out on the street were being harassed by two dogs.  These were Staffordshire officially identified breed in Germany that is noted for aggressive behavior.

By the point where cops arrived....a couple of folks on the street had been "nipped" and bitten.  No owner in sight, although the locals appear to know the guy, and they were his "guard dogs" (kept inside the business).

The cops showed some patience, with some locals trying to help in the situation.  The cops eventually called the animal welfare folks, but the best they could do is say they'd come but it wouldn't be immediately.  Meanwhile, the dogs aggressive behavior on the street continued.  So, the cops did what you'd expect.....they shot both dogs.....dead.

This got caught on video, and lovers are pretty upset by the action of the cops involved.  Over 50,000 folks have have hit the facebook profile over the incident.  The police department?  They are seriously looking at the owner and the lack of control over the dogs....allowing this to happen.

Germany went through an episode or two back about a dozen years of them involved a young kid who was attacked and killed by dogs in a city park.  At the conclusion of review....they sat down and identified a number of dog breeds that just weren't going to be allowed in public parks anymore, and went even further.  If you had a felony background, there are certain breeds of dogs which you are forbidden from owning.  In some urban regions....the tax on certain breeds of dogs reach around a 1,000 Euro a year.

On the other side of this a large contingent of Germans who are pro-dog.  These are the ones who take their dog along to the supermarket....the drug-store....the pub....and the restaurant.  They dislike anti-dog folks, and the amount of rules often put upon them.  In Wiesbaden, I'd take a guess that you could walk the shopping district of downtown, and note fifty dogs on one afternoon....being led around by their owner.

This thing with the cops?  I'm guessing it'll fester and turn into some type of review board.  Eventually....the state will decide that someone with a dart-gun needs to be on immediate recall when dog situations occur, and be another added piece of the social structure of the community.  Three-thousand communities in a state, and you can figure at least a thousand of these dart-guys somehow attached to the system.


Anonymous said...

You should see the video first and write an article after . If for you two dogs that are playing means they are aggressive then you have no ideea about dogs . In the video you can see the same second dog running in a corner after being shot . Where is the aggresivity in that ? Until now no one said nothing about being bite or nipped . They were actually friendly and scared when the shooting started but never aggressive . My advice for everyone watch the video from Facebook first and decide yourselves if they had a reason to shoot those dogs . I say they didn't and it's a shame how animals are killed just because the owners didn't take care .

R Hammond said...

I've seen the video. I've also read three accounts of the noted where locals who were chased or 'nipped-at' were the ones who called the cops. The thing many Germans are fearful of just about any even if they were 'playing'...they'd take it the wrong way. What gets me is that no one around has dart capability, and this just escalated real quick. Presently, I've read that the owner may face some kind of charges...but nothing will likely come of the two cops who followed the handbook on handling this. Breed of dog falls into the mess as well, and this was on the 'bad' list as I've read one cop's comments, where behavior is always a potential problem unless the owner really has them trained good.