Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Armed Hit and Run

We had an unusual crime in Wiesbaden that was finally reported late yesterday in the local news....from Friday evening.  Apparently, two armed thugs came into a grocery store in the northern part of the city just before closing time.....waved a gun around, and got the chief of the grocery to open up the safe.

No comments via the reporters on amount taken.  I'd take a humble guess it was probably in the range of a thousand Euro.  Most groceries only have an armed courier pick-up once a day, and it'll never happen after 6PM.

The unusual nature of this?  The gun-play.  Generally, you can go and review most all robberies in the region, from Frankfurt to Bingen, and guns are rarely ever displayed.  It's a different category of crime, and gets the cops pretty peppy about finding you, and getting you prosecuted.

Apparently, the cops reacted to the crime.....put out large numbers of cops in the neighborhood, and came up with nothing.

The bad thing about this deal?  If they ever get caught....they get charged for a lousy robbery that only netted them something around a thousand Euro ($1200), which is nothing (it'll be spent on a weekend binge of drugs probably).  The hefty accompanying crime will be the use of the gun, which might net them a couple of years in prison.  So, they'd stand there in prison with some weird characters, and note a crime that didn't net them much and have to continually explain how they weren't really that stupid.

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