Thursday, March 26, 2015

Cops on the Move in Hessen

Hessen cops were active this morning in warrant acted upon....with a Salafist Islamic organization.  News media simply says it was one residence of several (it was in the Bornhelm area). Other warrants?  News from HR says four German states (Bavaria, Hessen, North Rhine-Westphalia, and Schleswig-Holstein).  All of this started around sun-up (6AM).

What the authorities in Hessen will generally say is that they've developed a new strategy.  They kinda figured out that most all recruitment is against teens (shocker there, if you ask took them two or three years to realize that?).  So, they've started a counter program to wise-up young guys in schools and make them ask stupid questions of the Jihad-pretender guys.  They've also wised up on the Salafist leadership and think there's more to the picture than shown.

Info from the raids?  My guess is that the leadership of the Salafist guys are fairly smart.  They know the cops will focus on them, and therefore....little will be found in their residence.  The money for the Salfist organizations?  It's all charity money out of Saudi Arabia....clean.  It's like going after a mafia unit....they figured the money-laundering tricks....communications work-around episodes....and how to structure secondary leadership to take orders and carry out the functions.

If I were the German cops....I'd recruit some mafia experts and bring them in to advise.  They know how to run a quiet operation, and they would demonstrate the tricks to go after.

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