Sunday, March 29, 2015

Our Dependency

We are utterly dependent upon people in our do the 'right' thing.

When we board a bus in the morning....we depend upon the driver to safely get us from point A to point B....even if he's had a bad morning, suffering from limited sleep, or having issues with his wife.
When we board a plane....we depend upon the pilot to safely get us from point A to point B....even if his son is awful sick, his financial situation is deteriorating, or his wife dumped a major threat of divorce upon him last night.

When we go to the garage for significant work upon our car....we depend upon the mechanic to do the repair correctly and not make the car a dangerous vehicle to drive.

When we go to the local Greek restaurant around the corner....we depend on the cook in the back to be of sound mind and not attempt to mix poison in our food.

When we get approached by some policeman....we depend upon him to be free of anxiety and stress.  He should be of a calm and professional nature.  We shouldn't have to worry about him utilizing his gun in a simple traffic stop.

When we board some ferry to cross the river....we depend upon the boat captain to be competent and reliable at doing his job.  We shouldn't have to worry about him hitting some rock or capsizing the boat because he was stressed out or drunk on the job.

When we come home tonight....we depend our our wife to cook and deliver some safe dinner....without rat poison or attempt to kill us.

When we have the heat repair guy come over and do some work with our basement furnace system....we depend upon him to fix the problem and leave it in operational order.  We shouldn't have to worry that he allowed a gas leak to occur and an explosion to occur hours later....because he missed his mediation for the past two weeks and is acting bizarre.

A hundred years ago....our review of daily life didn't really involve a bunch of people doing their job....performing in a flawless way....and acting with minimum stress and anxiety issues.  Today, I'd take a guess that I probably have to interact with at least a hundred people a day who might interfere with my own personal safety.  By some miracle.....I survive an entire day.

After looking over this German Wings episode this come to a point of appreciating the complex nature that we live our lives upon.  So many possible things can go wrong, and we overwhelmingly rely upon those odds every single day.  We absolutely depend on people being capable of doing what they were hired to do, and in a safe and professional manner.  It kinda shocks us when they don't perform at this level.

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