Monday, March 9, 2015

Greek Threats to Germany

At some point over the weekend, there's a comment made by the Greek minister of defense.  He's a new guy.....from the election episode of a couple weeks ago in Greece.  Got his portfolio and slipped into the defense chief position.  Panos Kammenos.

The comment?

He basically said if Germany won't help in this financial crisis episode, Greece ought to open up it's borders and allow refugees to transit Greece and make way to Germany, unhindered.

Kammenos is a member of the right-wing party....Independent Greeks.

This got the German police union come out rather quickly and suggest Greece ought to be revoked of some EU privileges.....namely to force a passport situation on all Greeks entering Germany.    It was simply spoken by the union leadership....not Chancellor Merkel, who has been rather quiet on Greece for the past week or two.

If you go and examine the trends.....refugees are making their way through Italy and several East European countries.....heading mostly toward Germany, France, and the Netherlands.  Germany is presently the more popular of countries to end up in....Italy for the most part, is the least favorite of countries to end up in.  The reason?  Italy doesn't really care much for your welfare and treats you like crap.

The current trend?  I think Greece has roughly a hundred days to figure the solution or accept quitting the Euro.  No more extensions.....this is the final episode.  As for threat of allowing more refugees to come through?  Nothing much to say on the dynamics of the threat.  Something of a third-world strategy, if you ask me.

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