Sunday, March 15, 2015

The War Tourists?

This weekend....various German news media groups are commenting on the number of Germans now in the Ukraine.....fighting against the Russian separatists.  What they generally say is that a minimum of one-hundred Germans are now there, and fighting.

Naturally, I'd sit there and ponder upon the same logic where Germans (Islamic-Germans) packed up and went off to Syria.....getting the German government all upset and worried over their return.

These Germans in Ukraine?  Not a ounce of worry by the German government.   They aren't rushing to develop new laws or asking about identification of these folks.

The word used in some German articles?  War-tourists.  Yeah.  I's an odd phrase.

There's been some talk that just staying neutral on this is not possible, and Germany needs a law to put these guys in the same fear of consequences as the Islamic-Germans who are in Syria.  Generally, I'd say some judge will eventually step into the middle of this and get all disturbed over the unfairness angle of the present law.  As for attraction to run off to Ukraine?  There just aren't that many young German guys interested in this idea.  At best, you might find five-hundred Germans who are curious about it and could be talked into buying a uniform and a rifle in the Ukraine for their little adventure.    For the Syrian episode....there might be two or three thousand guys who a curious notion about participating in an ISIS campaign.

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