Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Refundable Bottles

If you hang around the shopping district of Wiesbaden enough...you tend to notice certain things.  Throughout the day....the Hartz IV crowd (the welfare folks)....are continually on the hunt for pfund bottles (returnables).

I'd take a guess that at least forty guys work their way around town and continually pick up bottles to take over to grocery stores in town for the twenty-five Euro-cents each.

If you had told me this effort would work a decade ago.....I would have laughed.  But I've come to notice some guys have accumulated twenty bottles over a two-hour walk.  Five Euro.....enough for three beers.

The thing that surprises me is that Germans readily toss the bottles.  They won't make an effort to return them to drink-shops or grocery operations.  I admit....it is a hassle and it was brought up early in the planning period that the regulations made things a bit difficult on getting your money back.

How much to folks just throw away by tossing the refundable bottle in the trash?  I'd take guess in a year that a typical guy might toss forty bottles.  You can imagine the scene.....you meet up with some buddy on the street and split a six-pack of beer, then leave the bottles/cans there as you walk off.  The Hartz IV guy walks up....gets the six, and ends up with 1.50 Euro.

Just one of those odd things you start to notice after a while.

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