Thursday, March 12, 2015

The Container is What Matters

This week, the British got around cigarettes and packaging.  They handed down a law which basically says that you can only sell containers of smokes.....with just the name of the color, no logo, no design, nothing else.  On the front will continue to be the national "smoking kills" expression.

Legal experts say that it'll be challenged and likely run into some issues....either within the UK court system or the EU system.

I sat and thought about this and the attitude of most smokers.  It won't really matter about the containers.  If the British law folks really wanted to hurt the smokers and their'd just require the tobacco to be pure, with no preservatives or additives (like tar).  Just plain tobacco.....but the reality is....they don't want to really hurt the sales because then you'd lose tax revenue.

I pondered upon this whole thing....knowing it'll come to Germany sooner or later.  A smart guy would go out and get some Vietnamese or Chinese aluminium box companies to start making commercial tin boxes.....with full rich color, and the logo.....then sell these for like ten Euro each.  Guys would buy the plain containers and pull the smokes out.....putting them in their fancy container instead.'s an idea anyway.  So, I'm giving away a million-Euro anyone who wants it.

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