Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Local Snake Story

About twenty miles southwest of where I live....near Darmstadt....cops got called this past weekend to a point on the banks of the Rhine River.

Dead boa constrictor snake.

Yeah....eleven foot long.....laying there on the side of the river.

What the snake experts say is that the snake probably expired from the low temperatures of the past week or two.

Shocking?  Well....here in Germany, you don't typically don't find snakes of any type.  So, naturally, there are questions.  No owner has come up to say anything....mostly because there's some big rules that he violated.

The only folks happy about this?  The Senckenberg Museum is the organization that ends up with the snake and intend to make some type of display out of it.

I sat and read over the whole story, or what facts do exist.  The thing is.....this snake could have been 'lost' for a year or two in some local building and simply surviving off mice.  Perhaps winter came along....low supply of mice....and the boa left the warm comforts of the building in search of food down near the river.

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