Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Mainz Messe

Through the 22nd (Sunday), there is the Mainz Messe going on.  It's a Pfalz (state) salesman type fair.  If you had interest in renovation, travel, RVs, cars, furniture, leather jackets, purses, cheese, deli treats, etc.....it's an interesting trade show to attend.

Location?  On the far south of Mainz.....over near Mobel Martin (the new furniture sales store)....there's a large open area with fest-like tents put up.  Plenty of parking.

Public transportation?  Take bus number 76 from the Mainz train station (30-minute ride).

Ticket entry opens at 9AM, but they won't open the gate until 10AM (just be warned about that).  It stays open until 6PM.  I would suggest a minimum of three hours.

Food? Lots of greasy stuff.  Beer and water are served throughout the fest tents.

Adults enter on a nine-Euro ticket.  There is a family ticket, which is better suited for cost savings.

A place to drag twelve-year-old kids to?  No....forget about that deal.  And most teenagers probably wouldn't care much either.

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