Wednesday, March 18, 2015

The Voodoo Story

With an ample number of foreigners in Germany.....the court system here is challenged daily by interaction with people who continue their old ways from the old country.  Integration classes?  Maybe it helps to some minor degree....but people are accustomed to the old way of life.

Today, in the Frankfrut news....there's a final episode on a long court mess (it took six months).  Basically an African pimp utilized two voodoo ladies (yeah, actual real voodoo) to help control a couple of African hookers that they brought into Frankfurt for the brothels.

You can imagine the German judge sitting there and trying to keep a straight face.

What generally unfolded is that the cops did a sweep of some brothel and came to grasp that some ladies were being forced to work there as hookers.  Passports weren't readily provided and ended up being coughed up by some other folks (controlling the passports, I assume).

The investigation led around to human trafficking charges.  The pimp and voodoo ladies?  They simply wouldn't cooperate.

The case ended with the pimp getting around five years of prison.  The voodoo gals were given around two years (originally four years but probation was part of the deal).

The odd factor?  The German female prison system will have two voodoo gals within it.  If you ask me.....there's going to be some type of cult growth out of this within a year or two.  It' make a great TV movie script.....voodoo in German culture.  That's just what we needed.

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