Friday, March 6, 2015

German TV Tax Episode

It's a rare thing when some German tax revenue collection deal goes above the line and has TOO MUCH money at the end of the day.  Yesterday, the folks who collect the German TV tax had to admit this.

At the current rate, by the end of 2016, TV tax revenues would be 1.5 billion Euro ahead.

So, the government announced that there will be a 48-Euro-cent reduction within the next sixty-odd days.  The extra money?  Well, by law, the state-run TV mafia folks cannot retain it.  Imagine that....they actually wrote it into the can have up to X amount and after that point, you hand it to the government to hold.

Sent back to the tax-payers?  No.  What the discussion now indicates is that the excess funds will simply be held by the government until there is a need for funding within the TV empire.  Some folks anticipate that another rate hike would come up in talks within five years, and this money might delay the hike for several years.

The new monthly TV tax?  17.50 Euro.

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