Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Smoker Story

Starting any Wiesbaden city kid's playground area (all 150 of them)...smoking is forbidden.

Yeah....quietly, the city council moved this way a number of months ago.  No one said much.  The signs will go up tomorrow morning and it'll be a remarkable entry into a new era.

The trigger to this?  The group asking for the no smoking ban wanted to set up a role-model type kids wouldn't see people smoking while playing.  Yeah, it's a fairly bogus mindset, but that's the world we live in.

You are still safe in the city parks, and on the streets of least for the time being.  I suspect....within ten years.....most city streets will be a forbidden zone for smoking.

Will there be inspections done and people cited?  I would imagine there's probably some guy on the city parks department who has some role as a smoker-inspection dude.  Most smokers might take the role of the guy as a joke, but he'll just call up the cops if you don't play the game correctly.

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