Wednesday, March 11, 2015

The 1-1-0 Guy

Sometimes, I come to realize that Germany has a fair number of 'nutcases' (as the US will admit that we also have a fair number of 'nutcases'.

This morning in the local news, the Frankfurt cops came to disclose this story over a local guy there in Frankfurt....who has called the cops or 110 (9-1-1)....roughly 400 times since 2013.  He's called them from the house, and from pay-phones. Explanation?  None. They came this past week and arrested him.....but he's already been turned loose by the judge.

Cops are fairly upset with the guy at this point.  They've gone to the extreme now.  Local authorities instructed the telephone folks to block any and all access to emergency numbers from his home phone.  He's probably the only guy in Germany, who can't dial out to 110.

They've also brought charges up against in court.  Up until last week, as the HR network news folks report it....he's got a dozen charges on misuse of the emergency number, and the latest episode simply pushes it to number thirteen.  Cost per episode?  If the judge applies the law (when the case is finally heard in court)....he'll have to pay 500 Euro per episode.

Background on the guy?  None.  They won't say if he's employed or on disability.  They noted his age at 32, but other than that....nothing else.

A mental evaluation?  The German authorities can apply various laws and take possession of a person if they appear to represent a threat to themselves or to those around them.  Once in a facility, tests can be run and the results could get you a permanent room in a mental facility.  So far, as far as I've seen....he has yet to cross the line of threatening behavior.

Continued games with the emergency number?  I'd kinda expect it.  He apparently does use pay-phones as well, and he'll resort to those as necessary.  Eventually, they will have to find some reason to do the mental exam and force him into a mental humble opinion.

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