Friday, March 13, 2015

The Head Covering Story

The German Constitutional Court met and had a discussion over the state law within Germany which banned head coverings for teachers.  A pair of Islamic women fought the ban (North Rhine-Westphalia).

The court decision today?  It wasn't constitutional.

Hessen has been talking about putting such a ban into their rules, but this ruling will likely stall the event for the time being while they review how the judges discussed the constitutional side of this episode.

The problem I see with this discussion is that you have Catholic nuns who utilize a head covering, along with various non-Islamic women.  Even cancer survivors....with loss of hair....utilize head coverings.  It'd be hard to write a ban which allows some to continue on and others banned.

On the personal see so many individuals who wear hats, bandannas, oddball hats from back to the 1800s, and caps....within German society.  The head covering thing is something a regular guy can accept.  The facial covering?  No.  Once you get that's like accepting the Mexican bandit mask or some Batman-like disguise as being 'normal'.  It's not normal.

More discussions?  It'll come up again in the constitutional court.  I'm willing to bet on that.  

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