Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Back to the Frankfurt Exorcism Story

About ten days ago, I noted the violent murder in Frankfurt.....circling around exorcism and some South Korean folks.  Well....the cops got around to updating the story this morning (via HR, my local state-run network news).

What they say is that the woman they found in the garage and still barely alive....was deadly afraid of ghosts and felt there were ghosts in the house.  That's why she stayed in the garage and basically dehydrated herself.  She wasn't tied up, as the lead story indicated.

I's pretty strange.

As for the second group in the Frankfurt hotel with the dead South Korean gal?  This South Korean gal gave some indication of being possessed (still the story), and the family was beating the devil out of her....when she expired.  The family turned around and brought a South Korean minister (from the Frankfurt area) to the hotel room....where he kinda figured out what occurred and he got pretty unnerved....running off to call the police.

Beyond this....nothing much else is said.  The fact that they (the South Koreans) had rented the house in Sulzbach....means they had some wealth.  No one says much over the type of visa that they had or did not have.

Phasmophobia is the fear of ghosts (the phobia of such activity).  There are certain societies and cultures where you have a higher percentage of believers in that particular fear.  To sit in some garage in the midst of winter for two days and dehydrate yourself.....almost'd have to have an extreme case of this.  Cops haven't said much of the gal found in the garage or if she's been deported.

On the listing of weird history for Frankfurt.....this has to make the top ten of the past fifty years.

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