Saturday, December 5, 2015

A Fight Over Nothing?

Last be was 5:30 in the morning (today)....when cops got called to the far east end of Kassel (one of our bigger towns in Hessen).....near the A7 autobahn.

What the cops became one of those all-cops-available calls and twenty German cops swarmed the area.

What they found were eighty people at the McDonalds parking lot some form of a fight.  This took about 90 minutes to get full control and establish authority.

The theme of the fight?  Well.....this brawl resulted in three people hurt bad enough to require transport to a hospital.  The cause?  Well.....that's the interesting part to the story.  No one is really saying.....the hint given was that the fight just started....and thug was fighting thug, or the cops relate the story like that.

Oh, all of the participants did come from the local nightclub just a hundred meters away (A7 Music Park).  Some issue apparently came up and got a couple of guys frustrated enough.....or jealous of former girlfriends, or they all popped a few pills too many to get hyped up on something.  But the end-result was this fight over......well.....nothing.

What the cops ended the story with was that everyone who was arrested.....will be asked to show up later (sometime next week) and explain the situation in a interrogation room.  This will mean that dozens of folks will have to call up a lawyer.....ask for legal assistance.....pluck down some Euro to make sure they have their story straight.....and hope that nothing comes out of this mess.

That's the thing about most bar or club fights in Germany.  They usually just involve some guys who get black-eyes, broken noses, and lose a couple of teeth.  No one ends up dead from gunshot wounds.  If this had been Birmingham or Atlanta.....eighty guys in some parking lot in a stupid fight.....shots would have been fired and five guys dead before the cops even arrived.  The cops arriving at the Atlanta scene would have drawn pistols, and probably accidentally shot five more guys, and another dozen-odd bystanders who had no part in the fight, and the state would be calling in some task-force to handle twenty people dead....mostly by the cops.

Maybe the cops will accidentally come to find the reason for this fight disturbance....maybe just an insult by one guy against his former girlfriend.....maybe just two drunk guys arguing over a soccer game episode.  Oddly, this will earn the McDonalds some kind of notoriety as the place where a gang war occurred, mostly over nothing.

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