Friday, December 4, 2015

Saxony-Anhalt Weapons Story

One of the regional state-run networks....NDR....put up an interesting news piece today talking over the state in Germany of Saxony-Anhalt.

As of this month, for the entire state....there are 41,450 weapons possession cards.  That's a thousand more than roughly 18 months ago.  It's a general trend across Germany....with more Germans enthusiastic enough to take the course and provide all the paperwork for the weapons cards.

NDR even noted that the weapon inventory for the state of Saxony-Anhalt increased from 117,800 to 118,300 over the past year.

Why the increased trend?  Crime I think....has a bigger role than fear of immigrants or asylum seekers.  If you follow local news, you start to notice more robberies....more assault connected to the robberies....and more weapons being displayed by the robbers.  A few weeks ago here in Wiesbaden, we had a grocery operation robbed, and the kid involved in this displayed a gun (no one knows if it was a real gun, or a fake gun).

The main purpose of the weapons card?  It allows you to purchase, sell, and store weapons.  If you intend to hunt or go to the target will have the card on you as you travel.  Just having the weapons card.....doesn't mean an automatic hunting license (some people get confused about this....especially journalists).  The hunting course is totally separate and probably rated even more difficult than the weapons course itself.

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