Sunday, December 20, 2015

Forty Million Euro

I read this morning....with the NSU-Beate Zschape's trial episode will be over forty million Euro spent (currently sitting at 38 million).  No one says much over appeals (likely expected) and their cost.

Total man-hours?  German journalists don't really say much about this case being watched from their prospective or the hours involved.  In fact, it's hard to find any journalist who will claim that he's been in court for each and every hour of the whole thing.

If you asked a hundred German adults about the murder trial....most (probably around fifty percent) will say that it's mostly a case where the only living person left from some 'gang' has to face some kind of charges over the murders.....although it was probably the other non-living members who committed the murders.  I'd say a third of the nation has no memory or knowledge of the court case underway, which says a lot about the significance or lack of significance with the public.

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