Friday, December 11, 2015

Trouble in Leipzig

If you go and read the Leipziger Volkszeitung.....there's an interesting story from the last couple of days.  They are reporting from the local area attack on two refugee kids (11 and 14 years old) German classmates.

The school....Wurzener Pestalozzi Secondary a bit disturbed over the attack.  They've apparently put up signs and intend to brief all the kids there on proper respect.

Syrians or Muslim kids?  If you read through the article.....the kids who were the victims appear to be Macedonians.

What the cops say?  They hint of grievous bodily harm and potential charges.  The problem is that these are mostly seventh-grade kids.  They are asking for witnesses to come forward and tell the story to them.

The problem I see is that the school administrators, the local political figures, the intellectual crowd and journalists will all see some opportunity to run a be-friendly-to-immigrants program with this crowd of 13 and 14 year old kids.  Personally, from what I've seen in the past.....this would be the last group in Germany that would take advice like this.

I'd compare most kids in Germany to the Southpark crew and very capable of dishing out some crud and harsh comments if necessary....even to adults or teachers.

When you look at the way that schools tend to operate.....there's X-amount of accomplishment required and if the kid doesn't get there.....the teachers either dump them or saddle them with other kids in the class to try and bring the kid up a notch.  Some kids might accept a duty like this but it's not something that you typically see working in a successful way.  Hence....the reason why after-school tutors are are in such demand.

One of the questionable details of the current program of immigration....revolves around immigrant kids arriving and perhaps being a year....two years....even three years behind what a German school environment might be for their age group.  You see a bunch of fine educators and pro-immigration enthusiasts who get peppy and give the Merkel "we can do it all" speech.  It sounds good but the practical application is questionable.

Locally, at least in Hessen.....there are several charitable groups who are doing tutor duty and trying hard to get the slower kids up a notch.  If you just went by language issues's a tough experience for some kid to arrive and go through four months of German orientation.

As for what really happened here to trigger the event?  No one is much sure about the fight or who said what.

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