Saturday, December 5, 2015

The Kretschmann Statement

It will be one of those statements that will burn with intensity in German public debate....when the full interview is published on Sunday with the Sunday edition of "Welt am Sonntag".

They've interviewed Baden-Wurttemberg's President.....Winfried Kretschmann....a Green Party member and head of the collation that runs the state's government.

His words?  He says in a blunt way that Islam is stuck in a crisis and has to be cleaned from the inside out of violent tendencies.  The hint the reformation of Islam.

Yeah, it's not the typical speech you'd expect from a Green Party guy.  He's at least honest about can't be done by non-Islam has to be done within the religion itself.

Christianity underwent a serious reformation period after the 1619 and the Thirty Years War.  By the time you got around to 1700.....Christianity and the Catholic Church had been forced through various degrees of change and violence.  Half the population in central Europe had dissolved away because of the war and the fanatical behavior of Christians of the era.

The odds of reformation occurring with Islam?  Anyone of the religion who would suggest such....would likely be condemned and targeted by the extremists.  So, there's virtually no interest in going this direction.

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Norman Peterson said...

I've been suggesting the same thing for some time now..Islam needs to be reformed..and only Islam can do it. The rest of the world cannot do it for them, the rest of the world can only respond to what the face of Islam they really need to decide just what the face of Islam it peace and
tolerance? Or is it ISIS/ISIL/Wahabism/12ers etc...