Thursday, December 24, 2015

The Nomads of Germany

About every six months in will come across one of these stories of a person who died.....months ago....but just got discovered in their house or apartment in the last week.

This episode that came up yesterday revolves around a eighty-seven-year-old gal.....who died eighteen months ago and was just discovered in the last couple of days dead.  It occurred in Lohfelden (here in Hessen).

What the cops say is that the woman lived alone, and had very little contact with anyone in the neighborhood.  Everything from electricity to rent.....was set to automatic payments, so there was no hint of trouble.

The postman?  Well....he kept delivering the mail and simply put it up on the window outside of the apartment.

No one would have figured out any issue except there was a water leak in the building and suspected damage, so the landlord had the door opened and here was the body.

Living relatives?  None.  The cops found absolutely no living relatives.

It is one of those odd phenomenons of Germany.....people living in an urban environment as a nomad.  Quiet lives, unattached to metropolitan identification.  They can go weeks without anyone in the neighborhood noticing them.  Even when they pass from this Earth....their lives are designed in a way to continue the image of existing....paying bills for weeks, months, and possibly years.

The only hurdle they can't get around is simple accidents like a broken water-pipe.

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