Thursday, December 24, 2015

The Lost Cats (Plural)

Back in March....we had some family in the village who owned a Maine Coon cat, and he'd wandered off.  They put up an ad.....listing the four kids of the family....and their great desire for this 'family-member' to return (with a reward).  The ad was posted around a dozen places in the village (we have around 4,000 residents in the village).

I figured after a week.....he'd show back up and the episode would end.  Well.....he never came back, and no one noted his presence anywhere in the village.

Well....eventually, they got another Maine Coon cat.

This week, I noted in the local grocery.....another lost ad.....for another Maine Coon cat, and I looked at the fine print and picture.

Yep, same Maine Coon cat.....11 months old.  Two cats lost in one year?  Yeah.

They are offering a fifty-Euro fee if you fine 'Momo'.

The odds of two cats just getting up and walking off in a space of twelve months?  Statistically, it's a problem.

We are a village with a thick forest on one end....a decent hill on the second side.....and farm land on the remaining two sides.  If you chose to walk to the next'd be a good twenty-five minute least for a human to make.  I have my doubts that this cat or the previous just left or wandered off into the woods.

A third cat in 2016?  Well.....yeah, it's pretty likely if you ask me.  And his potential of wandering away?  Since Coonies have a heft tag attached to the purchase.....I might take a precaution or two, but that's just me saying that.

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