Thursday, December 10, 2015

The South Korean Exorcism?

I posted a story from Frankfurt yesterday via the Facebook Schnitzel site.  Murdered South Korean gal in a Frankfurt hotel found.....five other South Koreans associated with this in a murder.  Frankfurt cops are fairly amazed by the thing.....with limited comments.   All they say is that the five accused are a forty-two-year old woman, her son and daughter (both in early 20's), and two fifteen-year old boys (one of which is the son of the murdered gal).

The scene is basically described as one where the five beat the one gal a fair bit and stuffed a towel into her mouth.  The cops generally hint that she might have suffocated.  The five eventually gave information on a 2nd woman (South Korean as well) in a house they were renting in Frankfurt, and she was tied up and half-dead (she's still alive at this point).

This morning, the Frankfurt cops admitted that the five accused here.....have been in Germany for six weeks and are here on a tourist-type visa.

All of this tied to an exorcism?'s the just don't have too many South Koreans involved in the Catholic faith, and exorcisms generally only happen with a Priest around.  So, I'm of the mind that the exorcism excuse is bogus, and there's probably some other excuse tied to the murder.

Jealousy.....maybe a debt owed.....maybe some drug deal that fell apart.  Why conduct some murder deal in a upper-class hotel in Frankfurt?  That might be another question to ask.

All this talk of exorcism gets Germans a bit disturbed.  Germans aren't typically into the ghosts, demons, spirits, etc.   Naturally, if they are members of the Catholic Church....they will ask the local priest about this episode and how the Catholics were involved in this, and the guy will deny the church was involved.

It probably will be made into a German TV movie eventually because there's just too many unusual pieces to the story.....South Korean tourists, demon-gal, exorcism, and a murder.

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