Wednesday, December 9, 2015

The Beate Story

Down in Bavaria....there's a long-winded court episode over murder, Nazis, the NSU, and the one remaining gal who might have been connected to the murders.  Oh, and I have to add....that the cops never did figure Nazi angle out until almost a decade after the first murder.

So today, Beate Zschape decided to provide testimony in the court.  For months, this case has been going on and she's been quiet....never saying anything.

The comments today?

Generally, she says she's not involved.....she never knew why the guys murdered their victims.....and she demonstrated a fair amount of naive nature (almost child-like).  With the two primary guys (they committed suicide after the cops got into the middle of this)....she had a relationship going.  When she found out about all the murder business.....they threaten suicide.....and she decided that she'd just have to keep quiet because of the value of their relationship to her.

After reading through the BBC description of the comments....I'm of the mind that she's probably got the mind of a fourteen-year-old girl at best, and barely educated to any degree.  The prosecution has been on some tirade to get mileage out of a court episode and only one single member alive that he can prosecute.  After this comment today?  I'm not sure the judges can get to any real end on this.  If they question her mental stability or condition.....the case is screwed up.

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