Saturday, December 5, 2015

The Chocolate Calendar

This week, if you paid attention to Stern (the news magazine), Bild, and a dozen-odd news sources....there was this oddball Chocolate fiasco with Lindt (the chocolate company).  In German was a sh**storm.  They like to use this phrase when you talk about public episodes where people get frustrated.

So, the Lindt folks decided to make an Advent Calendar.  This is the calendar that has 25 days or hidden points on a cardboard structure.....where chocolate is hidden.  As each day comes.....the kid opens the hidden door and eats a chocolate.

There are probably a thousand different types of Advent Calendars various companies.  There are calendars for Lego-like scenes, Santa scenes, cat and dog scenes, and even lusty scenes.  So Lindt decided to make one for the three wisemen.

The drawing they chose.....was a structure from the Arabic period.....two thousand years ago.

In the eyes of was a Mosque.  So they chatted up with social media about the 'wrongs' done here by Lindt using a Muslim concept.

The problem is.....Mosque didn't come up for another 700 years after Christ.  So there were various Arabic structures existing which had nothing to do with Mosque.

It was more or argument about nothing....but Germans are so frustrated with the whole discussion of Islam and Germany today.....that they took this stupid chocolate calendar to the next level of misunderstanding.

As for sales of the calendars? one says much.  My guess is that small grocery operations looked at the situation and removed it from the shelf.  If they were lucky.....they only have a dozen of these.  The Lindt designer team are probably discussing how they walked into this mess and will probably stick with just plain old safe German street scenes for future designs.

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