Thursday, December 24, 2015

Conclusion of the Wiesbaden Terrorist Alert

My local press (HR) reports that this terrorist alert in Wiesbaden from a couple of days ago.....has now been solved.

The initial alert concerned what someone heard aboard the S8 train heading toward Wiesbaden from two Arab-looking guys.  The person felt there was an actual threat and reported it.  Cops swarmed at least two areas of Wiesbaden, and at the time.....could not locate the two guys.

Well....the two guys were found, and they were in some stage of joking around (for entertainment purposes), and didn't think someone would take them serious.  I should note.....they are refugees who hang out in Russelsheim for a German class.

I'm guessing that the cops sat down and let both guys know that the Germans aren't taking this type of joke as entertainment.  

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