Thursday, December 3, 2015

The Afghan Statement Today

There was a meeting today and a joint statement between Chancellor Merkel of Germany and the President of Afghanistan.

There's still German soldiers in Afghanistan and a fair amount of help that Germany provides.  But there's this one curious element of the speech between the two leaders.

It's kinda hinted....strongly in fact....that Germany's roads aren't paved in "gold", and that Afghans who came over and will not be approved for visa.....will end up going back to Afghanistan.

It's not entirely clear over the number....some folks figure around 50,000 and some journalists have hinted 100,000....of the 950,000 for 2015....are from Afghanistan.  There's some suggestion that the bulk of these people....probably over ninety-percent will be refused a visa and forced to go back to Afghanistan.  In simple words, they won't be happy campers....having paid a fair sum of money and spent weeks walking across Europe to reach Germany.

I would imagine that some folks will have to be forced in some way to the plane and flown back into Afghanistan.

This brings up the topic of how many of the 950,000 (up until late November of those registered for the year).....will be approved for visa.  The leadership in Berlin is always careful to avoid this topic and you kinda notice the same trend with state-run TV journalists.

It may very well end up with only 350,000 of these folks allowed to permanently stay in the country and thus become this fairly acceptable number of people (at least to the general public).  For the supporters of the pro-asylum'll beg questions on how people were turned down and why this whole thing turned into some five-star checkers-game that involved frustration, hours of debate, and hostile Germans around the country.

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