Monday, December 21, 2015

Renovation Project for the Frankfurt Station

I have a special appreciation for the Frankfurt train station.  I've probably passed through the station at least three hundred times over the years and come to regard it as a work of wonder.

Naturally, it was designed and built in 1888, and its got some limits.

Today, the management folks over the station announced a long-term project to renovate and update the station.  It was kinda hinted in a serious way.....not to expect this to finish in two or three years.

Presently, the project is figured to cost 135 million Euro.  Considering the present state of German construction (the BER project for example) might figure that it'll cost at least 200 million by the end.

450,000 people pass through some part of the Frankfurt Hauptbahnhof every single day.  Long distance and short distance travelers.....utilize it for various reasons.  If you want to reach the Frankfurt'd have to pass via the train station to reach the airport.

I read over the listing of things considered for the renovation, and natural sunlight was supposed to be a high priority.  If you sat down and wrote up some of the big's a dark place and requires electrical lighting throughout even sunny days in the midst of July.  This might be one of the major pluses of things to come.....if they could swap out the panes in the place.

One of the few items of history which most people don't know about the that on day one in 1888....they actually had a steam train that didn't brake in time and ran past the 'buffer-stop'.

This station was not the original station of Frankfurt.  It was closer to the downtown area.  The opinion of the city council was that traffic was reaching a point of affecting the everyday lives of people in the middle of a newer and larger station made sense.....on what was then the outer stretch of town.  People would laugh over that comment and note that today....the train station is considered in the middle of town itself.

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