Wednesday, February 25, 2015

A Little More on the FIFA Discussion

While I generally don't get all tangled up in soccer talks and discussions.....there's two other little aspects of this Qatar 2022 World Cup episode which came up.  Note....the shift in recent days is to a non-summer episode....meaning sometime in mid-to-late November of 2022....the World Cup will start.

A number of clubs around Europe (not just the Germans) have said if FIFA suspends the season in early November as they hint....for players to practice and get ready for the World Cup.....the clubs want compensation.  FIFA said that won't be discussed.

Once you hint that six to eight games might be cancelled out and each game might pull in 700,000 Euro in ticket and stadium profits (beer and food).....the clubs have a stake in the situation.  They won't stand there and allow FIFA to screw up their profits.

Added to this episode is that FIFA has also hinted that they don't want any games....even the 2nd or 3rd league to go on while the World Cup is progressing.  So, it's not just the national league of Germany affected.....but two other leagues as well.  If you go and figure out their profit situations and the need for income to be generated....this gets around to a legal issue where some EU court gets involved.

I sat and watched a ten-minute discussion last night from one of the German state-run networks over the whole thing.  You get the impression that FIFA is run by a bunch of idiots who don't know the operational costs of running a big-time club or even a secondary club in the 2nd or 3rd league.  You could be talking about two hundred million Euro loss over a five or six week period if they flip this schedule from the summer period to Nov/Dec.  Whatever these guys were thinking back in 2010.....they really weren't prepared for this type of mess.

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