Friday, February 27, 2015

Interview Worth Watching

From state-run Channel One (ARD) last night, there was an interesting anonymous interview done with a Muslim young guy who grew up in Germany.....who got all pepped up and went off to Syria for the ISIS-run war.  After a couple of weeks, he packed his bags and came back to Germany.  Disenchantment, reality and madness would be the words I'd use for his conviction to get the hell out of the situation and return back to his original state of Hessen here in Germany.

In the first minute or two of the interview.....he keys in on one special part of this whole experience.....false friends.  They pretended that they were his friend.....they encouraged to dig deeper into his religion (Islam).....and they made the whole experience seem like a fantasy in his life, waiting to come true.

In 1951, Eric Hoffer published True Believer.  It's a curious book about mass movements and how they operate.  You need a couple of themes....but one of the big requirements is united actions and sacrifice of the individual.  You need to appeal to a guy or gal.....that the movement won't move, unless they participate. Giving of one's self helps fulfill the movement's need and your personal need.
Mass movements tend to pick up the meek and less capable people....the ones who don't sit and ask questions or ponder upon the situation and the consequences.

I watched the interview and matched Hoffer's book up to the fine details of this young guy's sudden awaking.  Somewhere in the midst of this experience in northern Syria.....reality hit him like a ton of bricks.  He wasn't going anywhere to do something wonderful or heroic.....he was simply putting himself into a death spiral.....dying for something that he could not believe in.  So, he left.

There's a bigger story here, but I doubt if ARD is capable of really telling that story.  Young guy loses control over himself and his future.  Young guy wanders off for some magical mystery tour of life.  Young man awakens to find death and misery just days away.  Young man returns to reality and finds the bigger issues of life.  Young man survives.

So, if you have a curious nature over the's over on ARD's site.....under 'Monitor', the show that featured the episode.  Good interview and ought to be watched by every single German Muslim kid over the age of twelve.

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