Monday, February 23, 2015

Politics in Germany

For months, I've been watching this Sebastian Edathy episode unfold.  He's a SPD political player here in Germany....who probably rated somewhere between number twenty and number forty on the national party list.  He was a guy who was climbing and in his mid-forties.....he might have eventually climbed into the top ten.

Around February of last year (2014), he suddenly resigned from the party.  It took a couple of days for folks to suddenly realize that he was under some type of investigation over child-sex photos.

For almost a year, plus four or five months into 2013....the authorities were into this mess, but so far, no court episode has occurred.  Yeah, it's an odd thing.

Over the past six months, there's been a major investigation into who all knew of the investigation and talked quietly among themselves.  The count so far.....fifty-seven investigators, cops and political folks knew of the events unfolding....before they ever exercised a search warrant.  The investigation period?  15 October 2013.  The search warrant finally executed?  13 February 2014.  Did any of the fifty-seven pass inside information onto Edathy?  No one will say in public and the journalists are careful not to suggest that.

In some ways, you get the impression that it's now turned into a marginal case in a German court.  What they would have found on that search warrant on 13 February 2014.....probably had already been 'cleansed'.  Even the laptop that folks talk about....Edathy claims he lost it on a train.  They will work up some deal to just clear the books and get this guy into some type of sentence.

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