Tuesday, February 10, 2015

The Free-Quran Group in Wiesbaden, Episode II

A week ago, I wrote an essay on a Wiesbaden episode where some Muslim individuals had set up a booth/stand operation on the city shopping district area....handing out free copies of the Quran.  I noted that the city authorities had quickly reacted to this....saying that the actions of the free-book guys...made folks walking by feel harassed.  So, the city instructed the city-police to react and shut down the free-Quran guys.

Well....this past weekend....the free-Quraan guys returned, and the cops returned.  They were shut down again.  The free-Quran guys say by the actions of the authorities....it's harassment upon them.

All of this got to one of the city council members who noted that any stand or booth set up on the Wiesbaden shopping district (a pretty wide open area).....is the business of the city, and they won't tolerate just anyone setting up such a table.  You ask for permission.....either getting approved or denied.  It's the cities own business as to who operates on the streets of the city.

From what the local newspapers have said.....the Muslim guys intend to come back this next weekend to Wiesbaden.  And the city council noted that their police will be back to enforce the rules.

There are two prospectives to this.

First, I've come to note throughout last summer.....at least five occasions when Scientology set up a booth and had some free literature to hand out....noting that the bulk of what they offered....was simple reading material and was free.  If you wanted the seminar business....that was the magic line where you crossed over and started to pay real cash for and would lead onto more costly seminars.

Pests on the street?  No, the Scientology guys and gals stood back and let the stand attract people....questions would be asked, and answers provided.

Over a twenty-minute period that I sat there and sipped on a cool drink on a hot afternoon....I probably would note two people stopping and asking questions.....mostly women....between the ages of thirty and fifty.  Some took material and left.  Throughout the summer, I probably watched this unfold on five occasions or more.

Second, I think the gimmick of this Muslim group is simply to gather episodes of conflict with the city council, and eventually have some lawyer paid by an Islamic charity operation to confront the city council....dragging this into court.

By citing issues with some religious group presenting their material....free of charge.....unlike the dozens of other groups who present themselves on the city plaza area in the name of environmentalism, politics, anti-Merkel, anti-Ukraine, anti-Russia, pro-immigrant, anti-NSA, pro-nature, anti-windmill, and pro-Marxism.....the court will challenge the city to identify how one group gets permission to have a stand on the city streets, and another one is denied.

In essence.....they are using German Basic Law....to confront the Germans.  In the long run....the Wiesbaden city council will lose (maybe a year away....maybe four years away).

The city may be forced to adapt a rigid code of forcing all groups wanting a stand......to come to some remote part of the city park system.....where people rarely transit.  The hostility here, if you haven't figured out (I doubt that the Islamic guys have)......is that everyone will be negative about Islam then.....for causing all of them to get zero chance to present their "thing" to the people of Wiesbaden. The political folks, the Scientology crowd, the environmentalists, and the public forum groups will all have some fairly nasty comments over what caused them all to have a limited public access.

All of this brings me to this one topic....who exactly has arrived in Wiesbaden in the past year.....getting a small group of young men hyped up over religion and spending less time with normal priorities of life (soccer, family, extra hours in the family business, school requirements, etc).  Who has convinced these guys to make it some type of life mission to present a religious concept that the majority of Wiesbaden residents have no interest in or find negativity within?  Something in the dynamic of regular life in Wiesbaden has changed in the past year or so....so who is this guy?

Bottom line?  I expect some confrontation down in the Maurtiusplatz area of Wiesbaden this upcoming Saturday.  I'll take a guess that at least eight uniformed cops are there....between McDonalds and Starbucks.....just looking for trouble to arrive and confront them.  The pumped-up Islam guys?  I'll take a guess that they are there, and some guy or two are in the background to take video for some future court episode.  If they can incite the cops to use force....it'll just make the city and the police look less-convincing in court.  You can guess where this mess is heading onto.

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