Saturday, February 7, 2015

Death by Insult?

Around two months ago, I wrote up the essay piece over a young Turk-German gal in Offenbach, a suburb of Frankfurt, who'd been involved in an assault of sorts....taken to the hospital....and died a few days later.  This gal, Tugce Albayrek....became a symbol for folks to unite in the Offenbach area.
The assailant?  Most of what was said at the time centered on him being a Turk-German as well....young...and he was with a couple of other gentlemen in the parking lot.  The young lady in question came to defend some other younger girls in the parking lot from harassment, and things spiraled out of control....where she got pushed and fell to the pavement.

What authorities hinted over the past couple of weeks was that charges would be coming and this young guy (eighteen years old) would face some serious consequences. in most events like this....if you wait a month....things start to come out which changes the character of an event.

What we can say from this past week is that some serious words were uttered in the parking lot before the push occurred.  Tugce Albayrek, the dead gal, was part of this group that words went back and forth.  At some point, she insulted the young guy by uttering "son of a bitch" to him.  Because of the insults and the phrase used.....I'm of the opinion that the German insult law will be pulled out and reviewed.

Yeah, there is such a law.  If you walked up to someone on the street and used various insulting phrases....there would be charges.  If you did the 'bird-in-the-head' sign that Germans have....that would be enough to get arrested.

By using SOB to the young's an insult to a Turk in the worst way.  For a German, it might be a 3rd-degree insult, but for a Turk?  It's probably closer to a 1st-degree insult.

I have this feeling that the guy in question....probably won't get any significant charges, and in the end....might serve a max of three years.  For the family of the girl....that's probably unacceptable.  For the crowd who came to support the dead girl.....they probably won't sit and accept this ending to the story.

The problem here....once you stand around in some stupid parking lot and get into verbal alterations with various people, you need to be careful.  Once you cross the line into slander or end up with a totally different outcome of events.

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