Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Quran Guys in Wiesbaden

I've written twice in the last month over some Islamic enthusiasts being in the middle of the shopping zone of Wiesbaden (Mauritiusplatz) and attempting to hand out Qurans.  Well....another episode occurred on Monday afternoon (16:30) with the same crew.

Within a thirty-minute period....eight complaint calls were lodged with the city cops, and they sent a patrol up to view the situation.  It reported.....a group with no permit, handing out Qurans.

Harassment is the work used by the folks calling in and sizing up the situation.  I won't be the judge of this....but if the Quran guys simply had a stand and quietly stood there.....they probably wouldn't be noticed.  So I have my doubts that they are quiet as they operate their stand.  Adding to have to have a permit for any type of information handout situation in Wiesbaden.  They avoided that entirely.

Cops noted that they'd explained the entire issue in full detail to two of the group they obviously understood the local rules.

The odd thing as this was reported in the regional press?  Cops put out their phone number in the article.  If you see suspicious call that number.

Spring has yet to arrive and I suspect spring of 2015 will be an open season with free Qurans on the Wiesbaden streets.  As of yet, no one has asked what changed in the past year in Wiesbaden to produce guys with lots of free time and enthusiasm for this of situation.  I'm not buying into the idea that it just accidentally started....someone arrived with some type of agenda.

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