Friday, February 13, 2015

A Minor Critique of Network News in Germany

I sat last night and watched the 8PM news of Germany on Channel One (ARD).  About half-way through the fifteen minute episode....they came to report on the three Islamic young folks who were shot in North Carolina from two days ago.

The lead-in of the piece quickly labeled this a hate-crime....hoping to lure the viewer to view the situation in a particular fashion.

Oddly....four sentences later....the ARD news guy notes that the whole thing arose over a parking dispute within the condo association.

A German viewing this would be confused.  Hate-crime?  Parking spot dispute instead?

This is one of those forty-odd problems with state-run network news in Germany.  You have to sit there....view what they give you....and then go and research the whole thing yourself because of the confusion left in your mind.  Or.....just accept the initial words....think hate-crime and guns, and you ID the US as a bad place.

How would a parking dispute get to this type of situation?  If you have a lousy condo assigned parking parking.....and argumentative people on both end up with frustrating disputes which can get violent or confrontational at the least.

Hate-crime situation?  No.  But the news guy wanted to plant that thought in your head.

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