Sunday, February 15, 2015

The Big Deal of the Sunday Election in Hamburg

There are two things going on with this regional election today in Hamburg (15 Feb 2015).

First, there is a test of sorts for the AfD Party.....the newer of parties around.  They have the anti-immigration slant to things and it might be curious to see if they get five to ten percent of the vote (ARD News, a state-run network....projects a minimum of five percent).

Second, there's this odd change to regional law where the voting age is lowered from eighteen to sixteen.  It was an SPD agenda item and it's hard to say if it'll attract more voters or not.  What the numbers say is that roughly twenty-seven thousand new voters are within the Hamburg district.  No one is guessing on the number who will vote.  The logic here?  Two things....most are already apprentice workers and paying some form of taxation, so it makes sense to allow them into the vote business.  Second, at least by SPD feelings.....most would be attracted to the platform of the SPD Party.

So, tonight....starting around 6PM, projections will already be in place and give the likely outcome.....consuming hour after hour of thrilling regional voting out of Hamburg.  Yeah....they squeeze every drop out of a marginal political episode to make some news.

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