Saturday, February 7, 2015

More Niqab Talk in Germany

It's one of those odd discussion items that most political folks would prefer never get brought up.  Over in Frankfurt, they have various child-care centers around the city, and when you show up to pick up your's awful important that they determine who the heck you are. the Islam situation got dragged into this....where Muslim women show up wearing the full body veil....the niqab.

One of the Frankfurt city council guys....Thomas Kirchner (CDU) asked in the public council meeting how this was handled.  As he kinda over some kid to a unknown person was legally unacceptable.  I think in this case....he was triggering the council to think over what was occurring and how they might want to lean forward.

The answer given from the educational department was that when such incidents occurred....the niqab gal would have to enter a private room and show her face.  This was done in such a way as to not violate their religion.

I read over the piece in the local news and admit I'm kinda surprised that none of these characters have ever picked up a Quran and read it.  There's a piece in the middle where Muhammad says in a direct phrase....when living around the "Kafir" (the non-believers, which include anyone who isn't Muslim) live by their rules and standards.  If you can't pray at the right make it up.   If you can't eat 'right' do what you must do and continue on.  When the "Kafir" come into your land (a Muslim country), they must live by Muslim rules.  Yet, this reference was not pointed out.  You could probably quiz a thousand German political players, and none of them would cite that.

You'd think the story would end there with the solution given by the Frankfurt educational department.....but no....the reporter went on to quiz Offenbach's folks.  Offenbach is a major suburb of Frankfurt and a major multicultural zone.  Most folks would agree that almost half of Offenbach is immigrant.  The Offenbach folks admitted.....they haven't had this problem to occur.  It was an odd'd think with so many various nationalities and would have been noted.

Fulda?  They answered that they had no Burka or niqab women coming into their day care centers.

Wiesbaden?  No answer.  Kassel?  No answer.

All of this is simply laying groundwork for a political theme within the next couple of years (Hessen and national elections are only three years away).  Two months ago in Frankfurt....there was talk of a no-niqab law being far....nothing.

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