Monday, February 9, 2015

Sunday Night Political Chat

After Sunday evening's Tatort (crime murder show on ARD, Channel One)....comes the Gunter Jauch political topic-chat show.  I sat and watched it last night.  The topic was....Ukraine, the peace deal trying to be arranged by Germany and France, and the threat of the US allowing defensive weapons into the situation.

It was an odd mix of five participants....Herr Jauch, a former US diplomat who is fairly knowledable on the global events, a retired German general, the number two guy of the EU, and a ARD Moscow reporter.  It took me about eight minutes to grasp that all this chatter had to do deal mostly with the Ukraine and Russia.....which means it should have involved three other individuals.....a Ukraine government official, a rebel official, and a Russian diplomat.  But for some reason.....the real people who mattered....weren't invited to the chat.

There was a bit of intellectural talk over what kind of war this was......a war of aggression versus a civil war.  If you define the war, then the hype over who to condemn is easier to label (my gut feeling over the talkers in this conversation).

By end of the had a fairly big label put upon the US.....that we were into something that we had no business in (kind of the same talk from 1916 and 1940).  This was European business and so the US wasn't needed.

As for the bad guy in this episode?  Several of the chat participants tried awful hard not to condemn Russia or Putin.  It made sense.....up to the point of where you asked how this would end without Russia pulling support from the rebels and the whole mess stopping at that point.

The defensive weapons talk of the US?  That disturbs some folks from Germany.  Oddly....if you live in Poland or neighbors of Russia....they aren't exactly in tune with the German sentiment.  They see a different type of Russia than from a decade ago.  These other neighbors of Russia are advocating the defensive weapons.

What is likely the agenda of Russia now?  Draw this peace talks business out for a number of months, restart various stages of conflict or trouble with other neighbors of Russia, then restart peace talks again, and continue this off-and-on tactic until both French and German governments get reshaped by elections.  Make chaos, where no chaos existed before.

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