Sunday, February 22, 2015

Things That Make No Sense

Over the past month, I've come across two episodes revolving around Islam, the ISIS folks, and reality....which makes a person ponder.

This week, we had three teenage girls out of a London Academy....two age fifteen and one age sixteen....who walked off one to the airport and flew out to Turkey.  They apparently are on the way to Syria and some new life as a jihad member.

Back in December.....a friend of theirs (same age) left quietly without saying anything to her parents, for the same sort of 'adventure'.  There was apparent communications via social media going on between this girl and the three.

The parents of the three girls?  Fairly upset and trying desperately to get the Turks to look for the girls before they cross the border.  It's been five days and I'm pretty sure it's too late.

What makes a couple of teenage girls desire to be part of some big jihad adventure?  That's a good question.  I is boring and most every fifteen year-old kid is looking for something of a twist in life....tattoos, piercings, weird music, etc.  But the idea of a new life in the Syrian civil war and some young wife of a jihad guy?  What kind of life is that?

The odd feature of this adventure?  No one at the airport ever asks questions.  A fifteen year old gal?  Traveling with another fifteen year old gal?  They run through passport control.  And the money for airline trip?  The cost of this would have to be at least 184 Euro for a roundtrip trip to Istanbul.  How did they pay for it?  Cash?  Credit Card?  That part of the story is missing.

The second episode that comes up revolves around the Paris shootings and this guy.....Amedy Coulibaly.  He was the participant of the second round of shootings at the grocery in town.

Coulibaly had a long-time girlfriend.....Hayat Boumeddiene, a convert to Islam.  When you sit and look at the time-line of events....Coulibaly made his decision for the jihadist adventure in Paris back around Christmas.  For whatever reasons....the boyfriend decided she needed to be out of France....safely in ISIS territory.

So, Coulibaly rents a car and drives across France (from Paris) to Spain (into Madrid).  From Madrid, she would fly out to Turkey....cross the border and be 'safe'.

I've looked at this planned drive.  You could have flown down....rode a bus....or taken a train.  It would be simple and less time consuming.  By car?  It's a minimum of twelve hours, and if you figure in gas stops and rest...closer to fifteen hours.  He spread this out over two days by the scenario that the authorities have put out.

So, imagine this couple sitting in a cramped car for two entire days....Coulibalby likely driving....his girlfriend sitting there.  She knows the plan....she know the suicide side of this.....she knows he's got days left to live.  Two days of sitting next to a guy in such a tight compartment and just driving around the open plain of France, toward the mountains.....crossing them and eventually ending up at the Madrid airport.

Coulibalby drops his gal off....rests, and then drives back to Paris (another fifteen hour drive).....alone.  He turns the rental car back in and gets down to the final days of his planned event at the grocery.

Two people in a state of misery and hyped up on something.  One will be dead within a number of days, and the other will spend out the remainder of her life in Syria.  The charity operations with funds....will take care of Hayat.  She will live in somewhat comfort until the day comes when someone works on her mental side to do something of a jihad.  She's dulled the pain of her guy being gone and likely has little left in the bag of life.

Two days between Paris and Madrid.....1,274 least six construction zones which means your speed slows down drastically.  The talk between the two?  What do you say to a suicidal guy?  There's no comfort or wisdom that you can offer.  The car is likely quiet.

I look over this Paris to Madrid drive and the three London teens who jumped a flight to Turkey for a new life of jihad.  Things don't make sense.  No one asks questions.  People have dulled their mind to some extent and just focus on some end-point.....which is simply a goal without much value.  There is no rhyme or reason....just a conviction in something and that it must be right.  At no point does anyone ask questions....acceptance is the only possible outcome.  In essence.....things make no sense but full-speed ahead.

The three teens and Hayat sit in Syria presently.  Who knows.....they might come to meet up one day and discuss the twists and turns of their lives.

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