Thursday, February 26, 2015

A New Insurance?

There's a fair amount of skeptical view on the EU court system within Europe.  They get into various court episodes that might shock the average guy.

Yesterday, the EU Supreme Court handed down one of those shockers....if you own a riding lawnmower or mobility need to have insurance.  No one said much about what this will involve, or the cost.  The court simply said that each nation must cook up and engineer some type of insurance law.

From the village where I live, there might be a dozen folks out of 1,500 houses in town with a riding lawnmower.  If you go around most German private homes.....they just don't have a big enough yard to warrant a riding mower.

As for the mobility scooter?  Well....ten years ago....I could go an entire day and never see anyone with such a vehicle.  Today, I'll probably see a dozen over an entire afternoon.

There's been a number of accidents.....mostly with the mobility scooters which got into the press and got pressed into court action.  Some guys will use their mobility scooter to travel from their house.....down a mile or some local pub.  Naturally, there are consequences to this type of drinking and driving.

How much will this run?  No one is guessing.  There might be different rates between the mobility scooter and the lawn mower for all I know.

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