Monday, February 16, 2015

Making the Bridge Woes Worse

Here around the Wiesbaden area.....with the Schiersteiner Bridge out of order temporarily....there's not much you could say that would make things worse with traffic.  At least, I was thinking that.

This morning....the Bahn (railway) union came out because of testy negotiations and said that they are now leaning toward a 100-hour strike.  The ultimatum basically says if the talks don't result in any fruitful way by Wednesday of this week.....they will start to shut down the trains throughout all of Germany.  It's not clear about this starting on Thursday of this week, or possibly going into next week. All the union has said is that at least forty-eight of the hours will be over a normal work-week.

No one is talking much over how many more riders are using the rail episode to get to work around Mainz, Frankfurt, or Wiesbaden.  If I were taking an educated guess.....there's probably ten to twenty-percent more riders on the rail network than it was before the bridge being made out-of-order.

There's a fair amount of hostility brewing by the public over the various strikes that occurred in October and November of last year in Germany.  Journalists will typically say that it's more than fifty percent of the public who is anti-rail union now.

As for any quick repairs coming up for the Schiersteiner Bridge?  Zero chance that it'll happen this week, and you get various hints that it might take a month to fix it.

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