Friday, February 20, 2015

The Deso Dogg Story

If you wrote the script to this actual story, a dozen studios would want it immediately for a movie script.  It is, for all purposes, unbelievable.

Here in Germany, we had this rap star.  To be honest....Deso Dogg wasn't much of a star.  He produced three albums but the last was in 2009, and his potential career kinda evolved into nothing as he converted over to the Muslim religion.

Denis Cuspert, Deso Dogg's real name, grew up in West Berlin....the kid from a German mother and a Ghanaian father.  The Ghanaian didn't stay around too long, and dad #2 was a US Army officer from the 1980s.  From what German journalists say.....Denis just didn't take dad #2 very well.  Adding to the issues....continued conflict within the community itself.  Denis ended up spending time in the local juvenile center.  There's not much of a positive note to say about Denis.....he was going to end up living a troubled life.

Somewhere in 1995, with the wall down and things starting to happen in Berlin.....he got into rap.  The crime side of his life?  It continued on.

Seven years would pass, and Denis seemed to be hooking up with the right associates for building a career in rap, and a career in crime.

He signed a minor record deal and became a published artist.  He also got noted for his crime accomplishments and actually spent some hard time in prison (not city jail).

What is generally said around the 2005-era.....Denis was physiologically screwed up.  He needed serious treatment.  He noted this in various conversations....but there's no evidence that he ever found the "solution".

Somewhere around 2009, with his rap career dissolving....Denis bumped into Islam. There's talk of a serious car accident where he survived and interpreted the event as a life-changing episode.  A year or so later.....he converts to Islam.  It's roughly eighteen months into this new lifestyle that he gets picked up with weapons (a big no-no in Germany).

At some point around 2012 to 2013....he does a video on his new focus in life....jihad.  He's off in Syria and part of some war effort.

The German authorities are a bit disturbed over the recruitment-like videos being done by Denis and he's put on bad-boy list by the German government.

Denis had one interesting characteristic.....he was a womanizer.  He played a role as a playboy and manly-kind-of-guy.  Women came into Denis's life, and they were eventually 'dumped' (the best word for them).

For some oddball reason, this got noted by the CIA.  Somewhere in the mix of things....they had this gal who was prepared for an odd job.  They wanted her to flirt with Denis (Deso Dogg), and entice him.  Denis seemed to fall for this gimmick.  At some point in appears (there's not a lot of history over this)....Denis ended up in some marriage to this new and wonderful Islamic woman.  She was part of his Syrian entourage.  She quietly sat in on meetings.....knew people....and knew the whole system.  And she reported back to the CIA.

At some point in the last month....the ISIS crowd started to stumble across indicators of a spy among them.  The CIA gave their gal notice, and she quietly sneaked across the border into Turkey.  She was picked up....asked for the US authorities, and was quietly put on a plane back to the US.  What you guess that she's busy debriefing them.

Meanwhile, you might wonder.....what's with Denis or Deso Dogg?  Well....nothing much.  No one says anything.

A normal person would sit and ask.....what would ISIS do with a guy like Denis.....who kept a wife in their midst who was a spy?  As much value as Denis might have.....the odds are....someone will quietly appear one morning and drag Denis off to a one-hour Q and A session.  Afterwards....he'd be executed.

But this would bring up the next problem.....who else might be a spy?  So you might see a trend for a few months....killing various women because of suspected spy status.  At some point, because of a mostly men-type group.....some frustrations would start to erupt.

A great movie?  Yeah....but here's the odd thing.  Other than small article on the front page of Bild in Germany.....there's been almost no talk at all about Denis (Deso Dogg) or his CIA wife.  If you asked a thousand Germans.....I doubt that more than a dozen caught this little article in Bild.

It's a story worth telling.  Loser kid....crime career....rap star in Berlin....screwed up mentally....locks onto Islam.....goes radical....meets CIA fake gal.....marries CIA fake gal....lets CIA fake gal into the middle of ISIS meetings....loses CIA fake gal.

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