Wednesday, August 5, 2015

A New Coin Coming

In the old days in Germany (going back to before 2001).....we had the five-Deutsch-Mark coin.  Value to the dollar....roughly $2.5.

It was a popular coin.  I can remember going into the base bank every couple of weeks and getting ten of them for pocket change.

When they flipped over to the Euro....the five-Euro coin wasn't in the mix.  Don't ask for the one ever said much about this.

Well....after years of thinking about it.....come February of 2016....we will have the five-Euro coin.

What the German news media says is that it's been in research for almost a decade.  I'm not sure what kind of rocket science had to be inserted into the coin, but it's got tons of research behind it.

Value?  Well, at today's rate, it'll be near $6 a coin.  Yeah, it's a bit different.

Will I be picking up dozens of these?  I'm not that sure that I'll use it frequently.  It makes sense for bus or train fares.  Maybe it'll make sense for a coffee and cake situation.  It's a different spending situation if you ask me.

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