Monday, August 17, 2015

BER Update

It barely got mentioned in the past week....maybe a minute or two in the German business news.....but a major player in the Berlin airport (BER) fix-up job.....went bankrupt.  IMTECH was supposed to be fixing all the screw-ups of the original project (was supposed to have opened in 2012).....involving ventilation and electrical work, and they went into court to declare bankruptcy.

The anticipated repairs were supposed be done by 2017 and BER was finally supposed to open.

No one says much, and the political folks are real quiet about this new event.  If the court drags out the bankruptcy episode and a new player has to be drawn into can figure we will go well past 2017, and maybe even past 2018....before BER opens.

An embarrassment?  About every three months....some German comedian goes out to BER and does some skit or episode over the failed project.  Germans have gotten use to that.  You can go and pay roughly twenty Euro and ride a bus tour around the whole operation and see the runway area.  It's become part of the German culture.....just another failed project.

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