Sunday, August 9, 2015

The German Work Visa for Balkans Immigrants?

Lately, there's been this discussion mostly by the Green Party in Germany, and to a lesser degree the SPD Party.....over finding some middle-ground for a work visa for the Balkans crowd, who are walking into Germany and asking for immigration status.

The current German policy is zero approval if you come out of the Balkans.  Unless you can show some threat to your life.....there's virtually no way they will approve the immigration status.  In an amusing way though....the Germans will spend weeks and weeks in some paperwork approval process....letting the Balkans guy or gal sit there and think for a long time that they might be approved (they rarely if ever, get approval to stay).  Naturally, they get frustrated and angry as time goes by and the 'no' finally comes.

So, the work visa has been brought up.  No one is clear over how it would work.  You'd probably apply for the visa in the Balkans.....maybe over the internet....and get a visa but it'd only work if you are offered a contract with someone.

The odds of a German company offering a contract?  No one has said much over this.  Unemployment in Germany goes from six percent in most urban around fifteen percent in the eastern side of the country in rural areas.

Would the Balkan guy or gal speak German?  That's something that hasn't been brought up.  How would a guy show up with a contract and a work visa.....but have minimum usage of German?

All of this leads me to this view that at best....of the five-hundred-thousand potential Balkan immigrants in 2015, under this nifty work visa idea....they might all get a work visa.  But let's be honest...there's probably only fifteen thousand that will get a short-term contract (trucker, farm worker, kitchen guy, etc).  The idea that the work visa will lead onto a long term deal and permission to stay forever in Germany?  I'm guessing it's almost a zero-percent chance.  So, in the get a brief positive feeling by the Balkans people over this potential change....until they figure out that it helps less than five-percent of the people who desperately want out of the Balkans.

Sometimes.....a good idea looks good on paper, and after you implement come to realize it's a one-star idea in real life.  The truth is.....anything is better than a zero-star idea, and so the one-star idea might not be so stupid.

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