Saturday, August 22, 2015

The Bottle-Hunter Story

About a week ago....they started up a seasonal TV show here in Germany on the commercial network.  The show was a special deal of 'Big Brother', where you toss a number of folks into some enclosed area and just watch them talk and deal with stress.  This was a different version....where all of the players were promi-type entertainers....some from the last decade....some from the 1990s....and some from the 1980s.

I'll be the first to admit that I dislike these shows and rarely if ever watch them.  That is summer season in Germany and the TV offerings from the twenty-odd channels are lousy.  Reruns from the entire last decade, cop shows from Denmark or Sweden, and old cowboy westerns are the theme for roughly two months.  It's the normal average way that German TV functions in the summer months.

The management folks....doesn't matter if it's state-run or commercially-run....all agree that half the number of viewers are present and it's not worth the effort to run major draws during this period.

That said.....SAT1 ran with this promi Big Brother show....hoping to get younger viewers and more attention.

Well....last night was the evening of 'confessions', and one of the older gals on the show....Desiree Nick.....delivered her piece.

She's been a of those people who walk the streets of a city who looks around for pfund-return bottles (25-Euro-cents each).

The blunt truth is that this actress, comedian and writer has pretty much ran out of options and isn't making any kind of real income.  So when they came around to suggest promi Big Brother to her.....she didn't hesitate.

Bottle-hunters can be noted every single day....usually with a bag, and they have a route which takes two or three hours in length.  I've seen some of them on the streets of Wiesbaden with forty-odd bottles in their possession (rough value of ten Euro).  They walk over to a coin machine and return the bottles.....getting cash value (tax free), and that two-hundred to three-hundred Euro a month makes a ton of difference on their situation.

It's a difficult confession to front of a group of three to five million German viewers.

I looked up her history.  She studied ballet for a while, then got into theology (it'd be a curious field), and then got signed up as a teacher for a while.  She did minor work as an actress for a while, then sat down to wrote a book.  Oddly, it was a best-seller book and got some big-time notice.  After that, she wrote four additional books which weren't exactly best-sellers.  No one hires up washed-up actresses in their late fifties, so she's on a limited situation.

Where this promi short-life story goes?  Unknown.  Within three weeks, this show will end and it's questionable if anything happens to change the routine for Desiree Nick.  Oddly, Germans may get attracted to the life story, the bottle-hunter deal, and the promi antics.

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